Federal and State Notices Resolution

Each year, the IRS sends out millions of notices to taxpayers. Some are informational only, others require a response. They can be both favorable and unfavorable. On the plus side, they may advise you of your eligibility for a tax credit; on the minus side, of a pending audit. Notices may also alert you to an error on your tax return that triggered a refund (or a balance due). Others may request an updated address, or alert you to  eligibility for something such as the Additional Child Tax Credit. Still others will ask you to file an additional form. Many can be avoided by simply filing an accurate tax return. Careless mistakes will almost certainly trigger an IRS notice. Take special care with your return, check the math, review the rules, and sign on the bottom line. We at Dhruv Tax Consulitng provide you step by step guidance for dealing with all kinds of IRS .We check your returns for errors and common audit  triggers, and guarantees your calculations will be 100% accurate as per your given information.